Top 4 Ski Week Essentials

This February, Vacation with Ease & Comfort Did you know that Fashion First Aid is based in a ski town? So we really know what you need for your upcoming ski vacation: Toe Jams Toe Jams save your tootsies from under toe bruising from repetitive jamming in ski boots, hiking boots,…


Superbowl Party Prep

Plan for party fouls and super Superbowl mishaps with these party prep ideas! Avoid the Drool Overzealous with the Wine? We get it! Save the table but keep the fun going by planning ahead with Drip Strips! Prevent wine bottle drool and stained tablecloths with simple self-adhesive drip strips. Because all of…


Stylish Savings, Every Time: Honest Kim’s Style Council

Stylish Savings, Every Time Welcome to our Style Council – You May Already Have Points Awaiting You! Sure, you’re already in the Fashion First Aid Fan Club – that’s why you’re receiving this fabulous email. But what if you could receive so much more? Join the Style Council for exclusive rewards, commissions,…


Pregnancy & Post-Holiday Weight Gain Must-Haves

In Between Sizes? We get it! Honest Kim is almost ready to have her baby. These 5 items helped her save money – and her sanity – during the past 8.5 months: Button Extenders “I was able to wear my jeans into my 3rd trimester with Button Extenders.” Brah! Extenders…

Martin Shkreli being douchebombed

Biggest Douchebag of 2015?

What has two thumbs, one Wu Tang album and is the biggest #douchebag of 2015? This guy! #MartinShkreli we hereby #DoucheBomb you and nominate you for our #BiggestDouchebag of 2015. URA douche bag


Last Minute Stocking Stuffers: Try our Gag Gifts

Looking for last minute Stocking Stuffers? Try our Giggles & Gifts ideas – from Gee Your Shoes Smell Horrific! odor neutralizing bag  to Trunk in my Junk: male false advertising. Guaranteed for a “ho ho ho” from friends & family!

Drip Strips Make Good Wine Gift Tags

No-Waste Gift Wrapping: using inexpensive gifts as wrapping & tags

Buying wrapping paper and gift tags can be so expensive and wasteful.  Instead, buy small gifts that can also contain the main gift or that you can write on for the card or tag. Giving a bottle of wine?  Use Drip Strips and a ribbon to write the “to/from” on….

Dick in a box trunk in my junk

#tbt Dick In A Box was hilarious, but not in real life, right?

When Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg did “Dick In A Box” on SNL a few Decembers ago, we roared with laughter because the concept was ludicrous and their performance rocked. But few, if any, actual humans want to receive an actual DIAB. In fact, that might be the 51st way to…