uncomfortable shoes, slippers in public

Shoes so uncomfortable that wearing slippers in public is the only option?

I get it: slippers are warm and cozy.  Your shoes may not be as comfortable, but there are ways to make them just as comfortable as your slippers. From gel cushions, to blister preventers, to anti- stinky shoe inserts, I’m happy to do a shoe intervention with “your friend” before she…

garment care tag symbols

Why are those clothing care symbols so cryptic?

So we get the “Do not iron” symbol and the wash temperature, but this symbol is so non-obvious that only 11% of the people knew it meant Dry Clean Only. What do you think of the symbol I proposed? These symbols and more clothing mysteries are revealed in my light…

pet hair compact lint remover

Love animals but hate wearing their fur?

Lint Leaves I love my dog, Schooner, so much!  I also love lots of other dogs and some cats.  My clothes don’t love that I love animals, especially my black clothes. I don’t have the space to carry a lint roller with me, which is why I developed Lint Leaves….

merkin gag gift for hipsters

Need a gag gift for your favorite hipster?

The Kitty Carpet The nostalgic full beard is ubiquitous on hipster males.  But why do the ladies have to be left out? They can sport a “beard” of their own, even after they spent oh so many dollars and ouches on laser treatments.  Who doesn’t love a good laugh?  #kittycarpet…

need low expectations low back bra

I promise: your bare back is more beautiful than your bra

Filed under the “why would anyone…” category, why would anyone wear a low-back top with a bra hanging out?  We can have the debate another day about wearing a beautiful bra with a low back dress or shirt, but I guess no one thinks showing your beige, everyday bra with this…

Douchebag DoucheBomb

Words With Tshirts: funny or douchey?

I am a big fan of plain t-shirts. Call me weird, but I don’t feel like advertising someone else’s brand or stoopid message. I do, on extremely rare occasions, make an exception for something I find very beautiful or extremely witty.  But I really think people should consider what they…


Is it really bad to sleep in makeup?

Do you always take off your makeup before sleeping at night? Do you still muster the energy even after a long & tiring day and a glass of wine too many? If your answer is yes, then good for you. You are probably going to still enjoy youthful skin appearance…


What’s the best way to shave your downtown area?

If this is your first time to shave you probably came to this page because you are feeling utterly terrible down there you think you would faint. Well guess what, that feeling is NORMAL. It always feels worse by the first time but trust me that it will get better…


Want to prevent fashion mishaps?

The answer: Dress for both the occasion and the weather. Don’t get caught wearing an outfit that fits the occasion but not the weather or you could end up miserable. For the person that HAS to the wear THAT cocktail dress to the outdoor mountain wedding, there are Hotteeze, stick…