Is button gape making you self-conscious?

Button up shirts are everywhere, but that key button to keep the top closed at the critical spot is never in the right place. Thankfully, I have two solutions and a 3rd on the way soon. My favorite is Chick Magnet, which is a supermagnet you can slip in the…


Is the term less is more really true?

Countless celebrity stylists have said that only one body part should be exposed at a time. If you’re baring your decolletage, keep your legs covered. Some things are better left to the imagination. Even strippers think so.

VPL Visible Panty Line 2

Got VPL?

Panty lines are not attractive. If people are going to stare at your butt, you want it to be for the right reason! If you’ve got a serious visible panty line problem, I suggest you invest in seamless underwear (preferably in nude) such as Underwhere: no VPL underwear. Thank you…

Taboo Topics Farts

Taboo Topics by Fashion First Aid: Halloween Costumes Part II

This is part II of IV of Honest Kim & Annie the Psychic Sidekick discussing Halloween costume tips & tricks, along with the  ’Dick of the Week” winner and our weekly psychic prediction. Tune in at 4:00pm PST. Podcast Summary: 1. DIY Costume Ideas a. Dragon using a onesie or…


Wondering what the term pony hair means?

Pony hair is generally the “fur” side of an animal- usually cow, rarely pony. Most smooth leather is the non-fur side. As today is World Animal Day, consider hugging an animal. If you’re not into that, consider hugging your favorite leather or pony hair shoes.