Is your closet full of a mishmash of clothing and accessories?

Are you having a hard time putting an ensemble together? The solution: stock up on basics. Essentials include white and black blouses, black dresses, black heels and flats, a good-on-you red lipstick, diamond studs, blue jeans. While hemlines eventually rise and fall and jean legs go from skinny to wide,…

Taboo Topics Farts

Taboo Topics by Fashion First Aid: Un-shoeing at someone’s house

Honest Kim and Annie the Psychic Sidekick discuss un-shoeing at someone’s house. What is your policy? They will announce the ‘Dick of the Week,” winner and give their weekly psychic prediction. Tune in at 10:00 am PST. #podcast   #Shoes Podcast Summary: 1. Wearing shoes inside the house 2. Do…


Are the insides of your shoes dirtier than the bottoms?

Do you see dirt mounds when you remove your shoes? This fashion advice will keep them clean and prevent stinky bacteria from building up. Wipe them out with a damp towel or wipe immediately after you remove them at the end of the day.


Want to save your table linens this festive season?

It’s #thirstythursday and this tip is for your bottles and linens. Stop the wine (and sauce) bottles from dripping on your tablecloth this Thanksgiving with Drip Strips, the bottle drool absorber. This is also a great hostess gift idea!  

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Want to sharpen your sewing skills?

Have a mini sewing kit at home or in your purse? Salvage your favorite blouse, a pair of pants or even a curtain that needs a little work with some needle and thread action. Just like Fashion Staple: instant stitch on the go, you are able to patch up minor…


Want to know the easiest way to get your closet organized?

It has been on your list for ages, but the task seems overwhelming so you keep putting it off. Don’t worry! Take this simple fashion advice from the top boutiques and department stores: buy identical hangers for everything– same color, same shape. Donate the rest and see what a difference…


Are you wearing ponies?

Wondering what the term ponyhair actually means? This term generally refers to the “fur” side of an animal, usually cow, rarely pony.


Need a last minute DIY costume for tonight?

Here’s a fashion fixer for you. These six ideas that you can pull together at home is from Amy Goodman and @HuffingtonPostStyle