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Taboo Topics by Fashion First Aid: How to host the funniest Super Bowl Party

Honest Kim and Annie the Psychic Sidekick share their tips and tricks to host the funniest Super Bowl Party that your friends will never forget, along with our ‘Dick of the Week’ winner and our weekly psychic prediction. Tune in at 10:00am PST. Podcast Summary: $1 bills for the pool…


Need ways to perk up your tired winter coat?

Is your winter coat looking tired? Well, don’t let it sit at the back of your closet and never get worn! This tip is about freshening up that good ‘ol winter coat so you don’t spend precious $$$ to buy a new one. It’s not just about looking good in…


5 Ideas to Make Your Super Bowl Party Memorable

Super Bowls and Super Bowl parties have turned into another “same thing, different year” occasion for most of us. We eat the same stinky food, we watch the same truck commercials, and we hope for a halftime wardrobe malfunction that never will happen again. Yawnsville. So let’s shake it up…


Are you a man who is bothered by your “chilito”?

If your wang has a cute nickname (read: teeny, tiny, Li’l Johnnie) then it must be bad for you. Have no worries as Trunk in my Junk is here. Trunk in my Junk is a special male false advertising reusable cup that you can slid on to your brief or…


What is the best way to de-pill a cashmere sweater?

For the price of your precious cashmere sweater, it is but right to take really good care of it. 1) Wash inside out. 2) Use sweater comb, pumice, the Sweater comb from our Cashmere Care Kit collection or Skid Out to gently brush in one direction. 3) Launder less frequently…


Still need to shed some holiday lbs?

 This is the easiest and hardest sure-fire method. Get rid of all of your alcohol at home and quit drinking for as long as weight needs to come off. When I was young, my best friend’s mom told me that her secret to keeping trim was never to buy bigger…


Do you have a New Year’s Resolution but suck at sticking with it?

There’s nothing more disheartening than to realize at the end of the year that you have let some, if not all, of your resolutions slip by unattained. Here are 10 tips for keeping true to your resolution from the folks at @Gaiam. Tip #1 Be Realistic! This tip talks about…


Do you want to keep the sole of your Louboutin red?

Red soled shoes are fabulous, but require extra care and maintenance for it to last. When red soles begin to wear out, some resort to the cobbler to have replacement soles (which are usually made of rubber) placed. Others resort to applying a special red lacquer paint. While these are…