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Taboo Topics by Fashion First Aid: Special Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween! Are you ready for trick-or-treating? Honest Kim and Annie the Psychic Sidekick discuss Halloween Costumes, some tricks and some yummy treats.  They will announce the ‘Dick of the Week,” winner and give their weekly psychic prediction. Tune in at 10:45 am PST. #podcast   #Halloween Podcast summary: 1….


Superheroes never run their nylons/tights. What’s their secret?

If your Halloween getup includes legwear, use the secret long embraced by superheroes (supermen and superwomen alike) and spray some hairspray on the toes once they are on and let it dry. This will help keep your toes from busting through and creating runs. Ever seen Aqua Man in 7-eleven…


Has your earring back gone MIA?

For this kind of fashion emergency, a temporary fix for a wayward earring back, snap off the eraser from a pencil and stick it on. A potato will probably work, as well, but will leave a starchy mess so stick with the eraser.


Is button gape making you self-conscious?

Button up shirts are everywhere, but that key button to keep the top closed at the critical spot is never in the right place. Thankfully, I have two solutions and a 3rd on the way soon. My favorite is Chick Magnet, which is a supermagnet you can slip in the…


Is the term less is more really true?

Countless celebrity stylists have said that only one body part should be exposed at a time. If you’re baring your decolletage, keep your legs covered. Some things are better left to the imagination. Even strippers think so.

VPL Visible Panty Line 2

Got VPL?

Panty lines are not attractive. If people are going to stare at your butt, you want it to be for the right reason! If you’ve got a serious visible panty line problem, I suggest you invest in seamless underwear (preferably in nude) such as Underwhere: no VPL underwear. Thank you…