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Tricks, Tips & Tape for Managing “the Girls”

For us females, what we do with “The Girls” is paramount in achieving red carpet glamour. Take a look at the gowns on Awards Night: there are no bras or bra straps in sight! Try our Red Carpet Ready Tricks & Tips for keeping the girls – and the bras – on their best behavior:

1. Tape and Lift: Quick Fix Sticks and The Perk Up

Every red carpet gown probably uses at least a little double stick body tape to ensure the gown stays in place. The Perk Up is also useful for those of us who don’t have as much perk in our breasts as we once did and need a “supporting role.” Combine The Perk Up with reusable Nipplomats for a complete lift, support and discretion package. Learn More

Quick Fix Sticks doing their job - and well!

Quick Fix Sticks doing their job – and well!

2.Chick Magnets

While tape is a good solution for keeping your clothes on, our super magnets are a fantastic solution for keeping your clothes together. Favorite uses include keeping a wrap together or keeping plunging or wrap tops at a comfortable spot without putting holes in the fabric (darn you, safety pins!).
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e2c13bd3-6729-46c7-89c2-ff317bb862023. Low Expectations

This clever bra converter will lower your bra band in back several inches to enable you to wear a normal bra with a low back dress. However, if your gown plunges to the top of your downstairs cheeks, you might want to go with The Perk Up/Nipplomats combo instead.
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4. Nipplomats

Ensure your boobs don’t end up on the Internet by using reliable silicone nipple covers.
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5.Clearly Gone

Under lace or mesh, clear bra straps really are almost invisible and a great alternative to constantly tugging on a strapless bra all evening.
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Quick Fix Sticks doing their job - and well!

Clearly Gone hiding those pesky bra straps for the perfect evening look

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