Travel Tip: Shoes & Scent-Free Packing

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Smelly Shoe Travel Tips from Honest Kim

At Fashion First Aid, we love travelling! Before the sightseeing, beach-laying, and wine guzzling begins, it all starts with a plan: what outfits to take, how many bags to pack, what we’ll wear for the hiking adventure versus the charming villa. But here’s the truth about planning and packing: they don’t go together very well. The night before the flight, we end up stuffing as much into our luggage as we possibly can; clothing and shoes for any and every possible occasion – filling every nook and cranny with our must-haves and essentials.

e59f8cd8-afc0-40ee-92da-ec9dce083ee0One of my personal pet peeves is packing my shoes in amongst nice clothing, accessories, even my makeup and toothbrush bag! Let’s be honest. All shoes – even the cutest high heels – can develop an odor, and we don’t want that odor anywhere NEAR our belongings, let alone right on top of them in a compact suitcase. Not only that, but we don’t want gunk, grime and dirt from the bottoms of our shoes finding their dirty way into our clean luggage!

The trick: prepare for travel with a few Gee Your Shoes Smell Horrific!: Carbon Odor Neutralizing Bags for your luggage. Whether you’re packing your flip flops, your running shoes – or, yes, your husband’s running shoes – these bags will keep the scent away, even when compressed and tucked away in your suitcase. Simply insert your shoes, seal the velcro top, and voila! No perfume scents or masking smells; the carbon bag neutralizes odor, making your shoes smell just the way you want on your vacation: like nothing at all.


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