So Long, Boots!

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Saying “See You Later” to Winter Footwear


It is OK to ride winter shoes hard, but there is no reason to put them away wet. If you do, chances are you will put them out to pasture come next winter.  With a little care now, you can extend the life of winter shoes and save the cost of replacing them next year.

1) Clean them, inside and out. Use a damp cloth to clean out the inside. Remove any debris from the sides and bottoms.  Condition the leather with Sole Glow Clean and Shine Sponge.  Brush the suede with Skid Out stain erasers. Touch up scrapes and scratches with shoe polish, a Sharpie or Ped Pens, our shoe touch up markers.

2) Store them in a dry place in the right shape.  Make sure they aren’t crushed.  Use rolled up magazines to keep boots erect.

3) If you aren’t into DIY or don’t have the time, take them to a professional for cleaning and resoling.

Voila! Come next winter, you’ll be happy that you took care of your boots, ready to keep you dry and fashionable for another year’s snow.

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