Spring Break in Comfort and Style

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Perfect Trip Take Alongs for Your Week in the Sun

The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s almost time for Spring Break! Prepare for the beach with our favorite travel solutions, readying you for a relaxing week away from work, worries, and fashion faux-pas.


Wundercover: Tattoo Covers & Blister Preventers

Why?  Because your new sandals will rub you in unforeseen places

Strap Trap:
Racerback Bra Clips

Because bra straps just aren’t cool
(unless they are
L-Straps: Swarovski Crystal Straps!)


Garment Guard:
Disposable Underarm Shields

Why?  Keep your whites free of yellow armpit taco stains and your jackets free of underarm discoloration.

The Perk Up: Adhesive Breast Lifts

Nipplomats: Reusable Silicone Concealers

Because “The Girls” need support/concealment in those more revealing tops

Stylist’s Pick:
The Fashion First Aid Kit

Why?  The Perfect Trip Take-Along, this kit features many fashion disaster savers and fit right into your small purse (or beach bag!).

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