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Taboo Topics by Fashion First Aid: convention and expo fashion

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Honest Kim and Annie the Psychic Sidekick discuss convention and expo fashion along with our ‘Dick of the Week,” winner and our weekly psychic prediction. Tune in at 10:00 am PST.

Podcast summary:

1. Conferences & Expos and how to stay classy and comfortable with your fashion.

2. Fashion review at the 2014 Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo. Lots of bra problems. Women were wearing the wrong bra with their outfits. We saw many visible bras.

3. For conferences and expos people are on their feet all day. People underestimate how uncomfortable their shoes will be by the end of the day. Avoid getting swollen feet by staying hydrated and avoiding salts. Use gel inserts to help cushion your feet. Belle of the Ball, the ball of your foot cushion or Cop a Heel, gel insert for your heel.

4. Lots of business cards are exchanged during conferences. The cards are not always easily accessible or you’re not sure where you put your collection. A Pocksie, the temporary sticky pocket, is the perfect place to stash your cards. Put in in your free reusable bag on inside your sweater.

5. Dress business casual or casual nice for conferences. Dressing comfortable doesn’t mean you have an excuse to be sloppy.

6. Our Dick of the Week winner is the boko haram kidnappers.

7. Psychic Sidekick prediction: Memorial Day weekend is a much needed break from reality. Make sure you are  in the water with a cocktail. Although you are not with all of your friends, they will be there in spirit with you. Enjoy the weekend because on Tuesday, you have to hit the ground running. Safe travels are in people’s future and no accidents. Pi will never be a number. Lucky number are: 2, 8, 5, 7, 9, 500,555, 2020, and 250,000.

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