Laundry Room Reboot: 5 Laundry Room Accessories You’ll Love

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Fighting Stains? Tangled in Tights? Frustrated by Fuzzies? Sure, some cheap laundry detergent and a hot wash cycle will get the dirt out of your basic Tees, but what about your gorgeously expensive delicates, or super soft cashmeres, or your smudged and spilled-upon favorite garments? Another pricey trip to the drycleaners, time wasted and that beloved top or cute undergarment worn less than ever?

At Fashion First Aid, we believe that YOU can do it in the laundry room! We’re cheering and rooting for you! Don’t spend your hard-earned dollar and waste a trip in the car – save the Dry Cleaners for special occasion wear only and stock up on some Fashion First Aid solutions that will make laundry a (clean) breeze.

Here are 5 Laundry Room Accessories that you’ll love – and once you’ve tried them, will never want to be without!

#1 Delicates Defender: The Smart Laundry Bag

These inexpensive items pay for themselves in sanity savings by keeping small items together (baby socks, hair ties, itty-bitty knickers), by keeping certain items segregated (Velcro), and by making non-dryer-bound items (merino wool) easier to grab when switching from washer to dryer.

#2  Crotch Shot: Prewash Treatment

A simple solution to help keep your favorite (and expensive!) panties clean and stain free. A few swipes pre-wash of CrotchShot will keep your nice knickers nicer, longer. It is also great for baby blow outs.

#3  Pill Pusher: Fuzz Eliminator

Cashmere is best hand-washed with a delicate detergent like Soak Wash, air-dried, then de-fuzzed with Pill Pusher. The whole process takes less time than dropping off/picking up at the cleaners, and is friendlier on your wallet AND your cashmere.

#4 Skid Out: Deodorant, Drip & Drool Erasers

Wear it ONE more time with Skid Out, the deodorant eraser. Perfect for those “I can’t believe I just did that” moments of pulling on a fresh black dress or top over deodorant-applied arms, resulting in creased white marks on an otherwise clean garment! Simply roll Skid Out to remove the white skid marks! Plus these specially-textured sponges instantly remove makeup smudges, toothpaste, pet hair and other pesky marks.

#5 The Dirty Side of Laundry: Tricks, Tips & Hilarity

Want to learn more tricks about tough stains? Ironing issues? Laundry mysteries? Find the solutions you need in Fashion First Aid expert Kim Castellano’s funny, fun, and interactive book, The Dirty Side of Fashion. Included are 33 stickers, 10 hanger cards, and 4 different product samples!

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