Make New Shoes Comfortable Straight Out of the Box

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Neither you nor your new shoes should have to suffer or have a “breaking-in” phase. After taking a few steps, you already start to know where the problems are going to be. Here are some cheap and easy tricks for bonding with your new shoes without the pain:


Blisters can happen all over, especially when winter feet start wearing strappy sandals. Put a little almost-invisible Wundercover piece on the spots where you feel rubbing right away, and bring the rest of the sheet with you for application later on the spots you didn’t think were going to rub. The Heel Deal is also helpful for adding cushion in the back of the shoe, taking up a little space on too big shoes, and repositioning the shoe slightly away from the back of the heel.

Balls of Feet:

For high heels, gel cushions (Belle of the Ball) are a must, since they all put extra pressure on that part of your foot.

Under Heels:

When shoes are hard under your heel or you know you will be on your feet a lot, add a gel heel cushion like Cop A Heel. And, since these also provide about 1/2″ of lift, they are also great to change the position of where the shoe hits the back of your heel.


In athletic shoes (my hiking, tennis, and ski boots), Toe Jams toe covers can save your toes from bruising and pain from repetitive forward motion.

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