How To Wear It: Met Gala 2016 Edition

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Emma Watson in Calvin Klein Collection (Photo: Getty Images)

Whether you thought them the Best Dressed or the Worst Dressed, stylish celebrities showed up at last week’s Met Gala in the highest fashion, with looks ranging from the most gorgeous and jaw dropping to the truly bizarre. These aren’t your average t-shirt and jeans looks: just how do your favorite celebrities wear those complex – and often revealing – clothes all night long, with no slips, spoiling, or unwanted reveals?

 How to Wear it: The Cut Out Dress

Kendall Jenner in cutout Atelier Versace gown (Photo: Getty Images)

Kendall received Oohs and Ahhs for her gorgeous cut out gown by Atelier Versace. When wearing a cut out dress this strategically placed, you mustn’t rely on gravity and good luck to keep the garment in place! Our wardrobe remedy: Quick Fix Sticks. This adhesive fashion tape & double-stick body tape easily adheres to all materials and leaves you feeling confident and secure, no matter the camera angle!

How to Wear it: The Long Sleeve Gown

Gugu Mbatha-Raw in a Gabriela Hearst dress and Judith Leiber Couture bag (Photo: Getty Images)

Long sleeves are in style – especially sleek, modern designs like this streamlined white dress. With a look like this, you’ll want to protect your dress material from yellowing – and your night from being spoiled by any unruly wetness – with Garment Guard disposable underarm shields.

The lovely sheer vertical line of this dress would be disrupted by a bra strap. When wearing sheer shoulders or lace reveal tops, attach Clearly Gone Disappearing Bra Straps to your favorite bra, for invisible comfort and support.

How to Wear it: The Daring Breast Reveal

Madonna in Givenchy Haute Couture (Photo: Getty Images)

Madonna’s fashion choice definitely had people talking, and many placed Madonna on their Worst Dressed lists. If you’re in a racy, brazen mood and want to go in this direction, however, we recommend a discrete lift with The Perk Up adhesive breast lifts, and reusable silicone Nipplomats nipple concealers for hidden nipples. Be bold!

How to Wear it: The Cape

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen (Photo: Getty Images)

We love the elegance of Nicole Kidman’s sparkling cape. Though simple in design, a cape would need to be affixed to avoid shoulder falls and leg tangles all night.  Quick Fix Sticks fashion tape adhered to the shoulder pads will prevent shoulder slippage, and Chick Magnets, slipped into the hemlines, will keep the cape from fluttering high in the wind.

How to Wear it: Gladiator Heels

Taylor Swift in Louis Vuitton (Photos: Getty Images)

Taylor Swift landed on the front cover of Vogue’s Met Gala special edition with this futuristic look, from her cut out Louis Vuitton dress to her wonderfully strappy heels. We love these gladiator style heels, but they would definitely need some finessing to wear comfortably through the night. Belle of the Ball gel cushions create soft padding even in the highest of heels, and we would probably place Wundercover skin shields all along the leg straps to protect from blisters.

How to Wear it: Backless Mini

Liu Wen in Iris Van Herpen (Photos: Getty Images)

We couldn’t finish up without mentioning this favorite: Lui Wen’s beautiful shimmering mini dress with fishnet drapery. This look would not allow for even the lowest of strapless bras, so The Perk Up adhesive breast lifts would be helpful, and Quick Fix Sticks would keep a dress like this secure and covering all the right places throughout the evening.

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