Shoe Bliss… or Blisters?

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Slip No More with the Heel Deal

Don’t let the back of your shoes rub you the wrong way! Avoid the painful blisters of a new shoe with The Heel Deal. Simply peel and stick these clear heel cushions inside the back of the shoe to prevent rubbing & blisters caused by heel slippage and empty space.



Forget those Ugly Band-Aids with Wundercover

Breaking in new shoes can cause blisters and foot pain but not with Wundercover: tattoo covers & blisters preventers. Wundercover can also be used to hide tattoos and prevent shoes from rubbing on your sore heels.



The Best Foot Inserts: Belle of the Ball

Relieve foot pain while walking in your high heels with these comfortably soft, long lasting foot inserts. Made with high quality polyurethane gel, our Belle of the Ball foot cushions will keep you in comfort and style from day to night.



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