New Product Preview: Heel Seals

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New Product Update:
Heel Seals
The Adhesive Sole Saver

Worn heels? Slanted shoes? Most people wear down the outer edge of their shoe soles. But who wants to surrender a favorite pair of shoes and a pile of money to the cobbler for worn heels? Now there’s a new cobbler in town: YOU. Simply keep a pack of Heel Seals, Adhesive Sole Savers on hand. When you get a new pair of shoes, peel off a nonskid, nonmarking Heel Seal and stick it to the place you wear most.

Our NEW AND IMPROVED Heal Seals will start shipping next week – so skip the trip to the cobbler and get ready to start walking in your favorite summer boots again!

Previous Purchaser of Heel Seals?

Yes, they are New and IMPROVED indeed! We weren’t 100% happy with the adhesive quality of our previous Heel Seal product, and you may have felt the same!We‘d like to offer a free replacement pack of Heel Seals to past recipients of this product – simply email us at with any proof of purchase and your shipping address, and we‘ll send along a new complimentary pack.

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