#ShoeHacks to Help Your Feet (and Heels) Survive Wear

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There’s nothing more empowering in my fashion routine than pulling together an amazing outfit and topping it off with a killer pair of pumps. But let’s be honest: heels can be a pain. Whether you spend $80 or $800 on a pair of heels, there’s always going to be the (literal) pain of dealing with some discomfort and avoiding urban hazards that can destroy fabulous footwear.

The arrival of warm weather emboldened me to finally take the plunge and buy white heels. This Sunday, I’ll be reporting live from Facebook to share my tips on how to take care of our new shoes, so they look new for years (or until you consign them).  In the meantime, here are some of my favorite #shoehacks to improve and extend the life of your favorite pairs of shoes!


It all starts with some good cushioning

Whether you’re a Louboutin-type lady or a sneakerhead, cut your feet some slack with gel cushions that can help improve the comfort level of any shoe. Cushions come in a variety of styles, like ones to ease the ball of your foot, or cushions to cut back on any pressure put on your toes.

Prevent odor before it starts

Have you ever been too embarrassed to remove your shoes because of potential odor? We’ve been there. (Hello TSA line.) But preventing shoe odors is easy (and quite cheap). Using an insert with carbon is key to preventing and minimizing any gross odors, and ultimately helping extend the life of your shoes.

Touch them up as needed

No matter how hard you try to preserve your favorite pair of shoes, signs of wear are bound to happen. Sometimes all you need to make your kicks look brand new is a little bit of polish, but sometimes you need more. Have your shoe cleaning kit ready to go with basic items that can help any shoe like an adhesive sole saver and a touch up pen.

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