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Annie is the most fun person I have ever met. Her answer is always yes to doing anything that sounds like it could be an ounce of fun. She starts dance parties everywhere she goes. She is the best friend you could ever hope for and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She has sparkling blue eyes and a contagious smile. But she also has a challenging body type (sloping shoulders and wide hips with a small waist) and more clothes than anyone I know, many of which don’t flatter her. So I thought she would be the perfect beneficiary/victim of the inaugural Closet Takeover for the #NoUglyClothesChallenge.

The idea behind NoUglyClothes has two prongs. The first is that there is no reason to change out of your PJs if what you are putting on doesn’t help you look better. After all, it takes the same amount of work to put on ugly clothes as it does flattering clothes. The other prong is that the purchase of clothes that don’t actually help you look better is sucking financial resources that you could have for investing and getting ahead.

Annie works as a producer, doing shoots for action sportswear companies. While on a shoot, she needs clothes that can take a beating and can move with her without looking like she is going to the gym. In between shoots, she has desk/office time, so needs fun, professional and casual outfits for that. Finally, she needs flattering going out clothes for dates and dance parties with friends.


  • Annie has at least 500+ items of clothing
  • With no re-wears (not counting shoes, bras, jackets, purses), Annie would need 89 items every 2 weeks. (2 bathing suits, 2 cover ups, 10 socks, 14 underwear, 5 bras, sneakers, 10 workout bottoms, 10 workout tops, 10 work shirts, 10 work bottoms, 1 jacket, 2 weekend dresses, 2 weekend jeans, 2 weekend tops, 1 workout jacket, flip flops, 4 work shoes, weekend bag, work bag)
  • Annie probably spent north of 10% of her take-home pay on clothes in 2016. (The national average is just under 3%)


  • Get rid of clothes that don’t flatter at all (worst offenders)
  • Identify items of value that don’t look great on her for resale on Poshmark or Tradesy
  • Identify if any items can be improved with alterations
  • Assess the need for missing basics and determine budget
  • Set realistic budget for remainder of 2017
  • Surprise reward for meeting that goal

Tune in on SUNDAY & MONDAY to this special 2-part closet clean via FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM at 6pmPDT/9pm EST. RSVP HERE

Feeling motivated? Want to be beneficiary/victim of next month’s #NoUglyClothesChallenge? Contact us at kim@fashionfirstaid.com

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