Clothing Swap FAQ #AdoptDontShop

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The Swap Starts at 11am on Sunday, June 4th.

Arrive on time (or up to 30 minutes early) so we can get your items valued and merchandised right away.

What items should I bring?

Bring clothing, shoes, and accessories that are clean and awesome. They don’t have to be couture, but we will assign a value based on current selling prices online, so they higher value your items are, the more money you will have with which to shop.

How many items should I bring?

4-7 items is probably ideal. We have limited space and time so try to limit your items to 12.

What if nobody wants my items?

You will get an initial pending credit based on the value of the items you bring to the swap. At the end of the swapping session, your credit becomes actual for your items that people have chosen. So if nobody chose any of your items, you will have the option to buy the items you want with cash, or pass, so you are under no obligation to fork over any money.  As for your items, you can take them home with you or get our help to list them on a consignment site like Tradesy or Poshmark.

Will I be able to try things on?

Yes! It will be communal, meaning there will be other women trying on stuff near you, so wear underthings you need to feel comfortable. And, for the sake of the clothing, kindly DO wear underthings and go easy on the deodorant! 🙂

Is there a cost to participate?

It is beyond free, meaning that everyone goes home with full bellies and with goodies from Fashion First Aid and other sponsors.

Where do I park?

There is ample street parking

Can I bring a friend (or four)?

Yes! Just RSVP as soon as possible so we can make sure to have ample food & beverage for all.

What if I arrive late?

You can still shop by paying cash directly to the swappers, like you were purchasing on one of the consignment sites.

What if I want to come but don’t have any items to swap?

You can still shop by paying cash directly to the swappers, like you were purchasing on one of the consignment sites

Why is Fashion First Aid shelling out money for this?

Honest Kim is a huge fan of income equality for women and financial responsibility. And she also loves fashion. She wants to encourage women to look their best while not going into debt to do so. She also doesn’t want beautiful clothes ending up in landfills or turning into industrial rags. So she has decided to donate ALL of Fashion First Aid’s profits this year for these important purposes.

Sign up for Fashion First Aid’s #NoUglyClothesChallenge to look better and win prizes!

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