The Pre-Consignment Freshen Up (Part 2 of 5)

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After seeing all the success of our swaps, you are probably getting excited to swap, sell, or consign your extra clothes. Then you take a look at them and think, “Ugh. I don’t feel like spending the time/money cleaning them and making them look presentable.” I get it. In fact, that might be the reason why you haven’t worn certain items in your closet. These quick tricks won’t take you long and will go a long way toward making your clothes look great with little time and money.

The Pre-Consignment Freshen Up Guide

1) Wrinkled? Spray water onto the garment so it is damp (if it is washable) and toss in the dryer on medium for about 10 minutes, or until it is dryer, but still damp. Remove, smooth with your hands, and hang dry. Smooth again if needed. [Note: many cleaners will press items, but don’t press anything dirty, since it can set stains!]

2) Dirty? Spot clean with Honest Kim’s De-Spotify (DIY recipe here). It only takes a minute and saves on dry cleaning. If it is totally dirty, try Dryel or Woolite’s version of at-home cleaning for a cheaper and faster version of the dry cleaners.

3) Smelly? Fabrics like wool naturally resist stink. Try hanging outside to freshen them up or toss into the dryer on low or no heat with a sachet of lavender (which also is a natural moth repeller).

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