Pre-Consignment Photo & Listing Tips (part 3 of 5)

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How to (successfully) sell your clothes online

1. Start With Measurements
There are different specifications that you need to include depending on the item:

Dresses: For women’s dresses, (unless the dress is stretchy) include:
-Waist (if necessary)

Shirts: For women’s shirts be sure to include:

Pants: Pants can vary depending on the item, but the basics to include would be:
-Inseam (inside lining of pants)

Shoes: For women’s or men’s shoes include:
-Shoe size
-Heel height: Only for women’s heels

2. It’s All in the Photos
A good picture is very important to advertise your item and eventually sell it:

Good Lighting: Good lighting is very important for a good picture, keep in mind the location in which you’re taking the photo, and try to use natural light.

Display: How you display your item makes all the difference. Be sure you photograph your clothes on a person or mannequin, instead of on a hanger or the floor.

Include the Brand Tag: Take a picture of the brand label on the inside of your item, and if your item has the tags still on from when you bought it include a picture of the tags

Photograph any blemishes: If your item has a tear on the right pant leg, or a large scuff mark on the side of the left shoe, add a picture of it, your consumers want to know what they’re buying.

3. Think About the Title
In the title and description of your item, incorporate the following:

Brand: If it’s a big brand that people search for (say Gucci), include it in the title

NWT: If your item still has the tags on from when you bought it, include NWT (New With Tags) in the title and or the description

Alterings: If your item has been altered in the past be sure to include that it has in the description

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