#NoUglyClothesChallenge #2: Nancy

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Our second beneficiary/victim of the Closet Takeover and the #NoUglyClothesChallenge #2 is Nancy. Nancy is just awesome and getting awesomer. She lives with her husband and two fur babies. Their clothes are in a closet and dresser in their room and a closet and two dressers in the upstairs guest bedroom. I bet she gets a little exercise just getting ready! Nancy estimates that she spends between 20-25% of her income each month on clothes, shoes, and accessories. She buys a lot on eBay, so she isn’t buying retail, but that is still a high figure. She agrees that she would like to get this down to 10%.

We started by tackling the upstairs. We found some gorgeous silk pajamas and matching robe from 1990s Nordstrom, unworn. We decided she deserved to start wearing them! We got rid of a ton of jammies, which made us ask, how many jammies is normal? I have 3. But I also think you should look fabulous in everything you own. #NoUglyClothesChallenge, right?

We separated everything into piles by clothing type (jeans, tanks, workout clothes), immediately ditching items that were past their prime or didn’t fit. We got through everything upstairs, so we just have to go through the downstairs next week, then make the hard choices on whether those questionable items should stay or go.

Going forward, we realized that we needed to organize and maximize the space she had, so I got her some velvet hangers because they are very slim and because they will help keep her silky shirts from sliding off. We also are going to set a budget and offer some nice rewards if she can stick to it. Tune in on Sunday at 9PM EDT to weigh in and see what her goals/rewards are! And rewatch part 1 here.

**An update from #NoUglyClothesChallenge #1 Annie: “It’s so hard to get rid of clothes that you have spent your cold hard cash on. But for weeks after I disposed of the ugly clothes, people would compliment me on how they loved my outfits and asked whether they were new. It finally clicked I wasn’t wearing any unflattering clothing anymore because they were gone. Thankful Honest Kim opened my eyes to this :)”

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