Which Summer Shoe Hacks Actually Work?

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Summer brings its own challenges to wearing shoes: swelling feet, blisters from straps, franken-toes showing in sandals, foot sweat. Desperate times call for desperate measures. But there is no need to get so desperate as to bathe in baby powder. Here is my rundown on which summer shoe hacks actually work and which don’t.

Baby powder: I hate that this fine powder ends up in my air and in my house and then I hate the clumps that end up in my shoes. I guess it is somewhat helpful at absorbing light moisture, but I think there are better things out there, like low profile socks.

Odor eaters: I love any shoe odor neutralizer with carbon in it. We make Flatliners, which I have in every pair of flats I own. They are a total no-brainer since they keep your roommates happy and make your shoes last longer (and prevent dumpster fires when someone throws them away and lights the bin on fire to get rid of THAT STINK.)

Band-aids: Just no. Sure they prevent or cover blisters, but they make us look so amateur. Wundercover is a medical adhesive that is water resistant and meant to blend in with most skin tones. I know it works when I discover some on my heel from two days before. Klassy.

Grip to prevent slip: Just yes. Leather bottomed shoes can be so slippery! No one needs to trip in sandals, which can also break the shoe. Instead stick on clear shoe bottom grips to help keep your footing, which is also useful after a margarita or two.

Shoe stretching: Feet swell in the heat. And on airplanes. And in pregnancy. I’m not a fan of shoe stretching. I think so much can go wrong. Why not consider buying a half size bigger? Seriously, this isn’t 12th century China. Chicks with big feet kick more butt!

Do you have any others you want to share? I would love to hear about them!

-Honest Kim



    I make sure to wipe the insides of my shoes with sanitizing wipes (like Clorox or Lysol) when I take them off, helps keep everything much more pleasant. I also use the spray on foot powders. Not super jazzed with the medicinal smell as it dries, but it does keep the swamp foot at bay much better than the hideous baby powder.

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