Ideas for Clothes You Can’t Sell or Consign (Part 4 of 5)

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Whether it is an unknown brand or just loved too much (read: worn), some clothes just can’t be resold. Here are some tips to prolong the lives of certain items or to repurpose them.

1) Cashmere that has holes or just looks sad: If you have tried and tried to de-pill and have mended holes as quickly as others appear, consider the beauty of cashmere pajamas. (ahhhh!) You can even get crafty and sew a few items together to make a robe or pants. (currently typing in favorite cashmere sweater turned work-from-home-sweatshirt.)

2) T-shirts: These 100% cotton items are absorbent and can be used as rags to clean spills or to clean the house. If you have a pile of sentimental t-shirts that you never wear (ahem, Annie, ahem), make a quilt/blanket out of them. You will see them more often than when you clean out your closet.

3) Wool items: You can wash wool clothing in warm water so they shrink and then dress your dog in them. My dog loves to wear clothes. (not really.)

4) Silks: You can take pretty silks to someone with a good machine (if you don’t have one) to have them turn them into scarves or ribbons. I haven’t tried this yet, but I am about to.

The bottom line is that there aren’t a lot of things to do with synthetics that are past their useful life. Maybe you have found some. Or maybe you have other great ideas. Please share here and help us all out!

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