How To Pack For Vacation In 7 minutes

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I’m heading out tomorrow for a five day trip to Mexico and Las Vegas, and I need to pack. No sweat. I have it down to a 7-minute art. And I rarely check a bag. Here are my packing secrets:

1) Have a toiletries bag (almost) ready to go. It should contain your travel toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, small full bottles of shampoo/conditioner, face wash, cream (samples are great!), deodorant and anything else that you can spare to just live in that bag. The only things I add are makeup and brushes.

2) Minimize the bulky stuff. I’m looking at you, shoes. Try and select outfits that go with the same shoes. If flying, wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane. I use Gee Your Shoes Smell Horrific to keep them clear of my clean clothes.

3) Keep ’em separated. Pack like items in lingerie wash bags or (clean) shoe bags for easy organization. This is especially helpful if you are moving from place to place. I also like to throw in an extra bag for the dirty stuff. This makes unpacking easier.

4) Double up on travel day clothing. I love to wear layers on travel day and insist on looking a little dressy. I think I get better service that way. In the summer, this means I wear a dickey jacket with matching shorts from Veronica Beard. And then I wear it home.

5) Pack a swimsuit. Because you never know.

6) Use a top quality four-wheeled carry-on. It will fly through the airport with you when you are running to make a flight. (guilty) It will also keep your clothes from getting wrinkled, like in my former backpack days.

The BEST travel tote by Save My Bag

7) Take the world’s best tote. This one by Save My Bag is seriously the best. And, when using little bags inside it to organize all my stuff I need while traveling, it couldn’t be any easier or chicer for the price.

Hopefully, I’ll have some exciting news to report when I get back on a new product line. Until then, safe travels. 🙂

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