What is the No Ugly Clothes Challenge?

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This shirt is not flattering

This shirt is more flattering

It happens to the best of us- clothing that just doesn’t flatter. Sometimes we actually wear it out of the house. Sometimes we try to wear it, then change out of it and wear something else instead- every time.

The idea behind the #NoUglyClothesChallenge is to NOT own any item of clothing that doesn’t do anything for us. Honest Kim says, “If it doesn’t make you look better, why change out of your pajamas?”

The #NoUglyClothesChallenge is about:

  • Financial empowerment: spending less (within a budget) on clothes, shoes and accessories. We WILL bridge the gender pay gap!
  • Looking our best: getting rid of the riff raff so all that is left are pieces that flatter
  • Extending the lifecycle of fashion: taking care of clothing while we own it and selling it when we are done with it

One way we help show this is by doing Closet Takeovers, where Honest Kim goes to a Victim/Beneficiary’s closet and goes through it with her on Facebook Live. Viewers can help decide what stays and what goes. At the end, the V/B comes up with a realistic budget for the next months and a stretch budget, which is normally a zero spend, and Honest Kim offers hefty rewards for sticking to it. In early September, Honest Kim will be doing her 3rd Closet Takeover in order to help someone narrow down her wardrobe to just the pieces that are the best. Some might find this a little harsh, but after going through it, Annie B, Closet Takeover Victim/Beneficiary #1, said,

“For weeks after I disposed of the ugly clothes people would compliment me on how they loved my outfits and whether they were new. It finally clicked I wasn’t wearing any unflattering clothing anymore because they were gone.”

I want more women to get on board with the #NoUglyClothesChallenge. Let me know if you want to be the next Victim/Beneficiary or if you want to get involved in other ways. Also, let me know if you do a Closet Takeover on yourself so I can send you rewards and repost your photos.

-Honest Kim

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