New Products Launching Soon!

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My favorite thing to do is to invent (or improve) products that make my life better or bring more laughter into the world. Here is a preview of a few products available in 2 weeks to 2 months.

1) Boot Stay 2.0: adhesive sag preventers (shipping 15 September)

Now with Velcro!

I liked the original Boot Stay. I love Boot Stay 2.0. The main difference is that 2.0 works a lot better with more boots because of the Velcro. There is a reusable double-sided low profile hook and loop band that goes around your leg. (The soft loop side goes against your skin.) There is another ultra-thin, soft, loop piece with adhesive on the back that permanently attaches to the inside of boots. The result is an easy solution for a non-saggy boot. I’m about to try it also on my arm with an off-the-shoulder top that keeps ending up on-the-shoulder.





2) Party Hats: adhesive erect nipples (shipping 02 October)

Stick on erect nipples are fun

Some people are confused about this product, and I get it. Why, they ask, would you want to look like you have hard nipples? Because what happens is like what happens to seagulls with shiny objects. You have to try it. I like sticking them on totally lopsided. Once I even stuck on 3, just for extra laughs. It’s even fun for men to try. Other (normal) women say it makes them feel sexy and liberated. I’m sure others will give them as gag gifts. And, with Halloween coming up, I’m sure you can come up with even better ideas. Please post your fun photos and tag them with #PartyHats. 🙂




3) Shoelusions (launching 01 November)

When you invest in a good quality basic black shoe, it can last forever (especially with Fashion First Aid’s help). But sometimes you don’t want basic black. You don’t want the pain and waste of a cheap trendy shoe, and your wallet might still be recovering from the cost of your basic black shoe. Solution: Shoelusions. Made of high-quality materials (leathers & feathers), Shoelusions are made to convert already beautiful basic shoes to fabulous, on trend objects of envy. Look for 6-8 designs each season.

Which of these new items are your favorite? Tell me what you think and I may send some to you! 🙂

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