#NUCC Closet Takeover #3: NYC Fashion Blogger, Sara, of @fashinny

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Yesterday, we had the fastest Closet Takeover with Sara, a school coordinator and NYC fashion blogger at @fashinny. It helped that Amy, Mel and Ulia were also on hand to give opinions, help organize what remained and pack up what didn’t.

Recently engaged Sara is taller (about 5’10”) and needs clothes she can wear to her day job and then out afterwards to brand events and appearances. She has a relatively big closet by NYC standards, but it was still pretty full, with several items sharing hangers and shoes piled in bins. Of all the closet takeovers, this was the most organized closet to start.

I started by asking Sara to get rid of the items that she has put on and changed out of, or items that she knew weren’t flattering on her. She was able to sort through her closet and pull a bunch of items immediately, especially ones that were too short or haven’t been worn in years. Most went into bags we later dropped off at Goodwill, but a few were put aside for Sara’s pregnant sister and a few were put aside to sell on Poshmark. Sara said she was able to do it so quickly because we were there. 🙂

The highlight item was a Miley Cyrus dress (above) that Sara expertly made for Halloween a few years back but never wore because the party got cancelled. (Watch our Facebook LIVE below to see it!) Sara needed to try on three items to make the final decision: a thin rayon trench, a fluffy dress and a black and white mesh dress.







All of them ended up not making the cut, but guess who got an awesome mesh dress? (Hint: me.) Mel helped by getting rid of bad hangers and color sorting the closet. (Velvet hangers are on the way to Sara.) In total, we took 4 bags of items to Goodwill and did it in under 1.5 laughter-filled hours.

Sara is a responsible purchaser. Even though she is a fashion blogger, she doesn’t spend a lot and gets a fair amount of items complimentary from her collaborations. She thinks she can spend $100 or less on clothing/shoes/accessories each month for the next 6 months. If she does, Fashion First Aid will give her a new day-to-night dress from Veronica Beard or Madewell. If she spends $0 for the next six months, FFA will give her $500 toward her wedding dress.

Watch the video of the Closet Takeover on Facebook and weigh in with your thoughts. Look for updates on how Sara and the other victim/beneficiaries are doing in the #NoUglyClothesChallenge.

Update: So far, $0 spend for Annie and Nancy, our past participants. Know anyone interested in Closet Takeover #4? Let me know!





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