Waterproof Your Shoes (And Handbag!)

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Over the past few months, rain – and its impacts – has been in the headlines more than any of us would have liked. I wish I had a $9.95 solution for all those affected, but all I have are giant air hugs. For rain that doesn’t make headlines, I do have a $9.95 solution to help save shoes and purses from water damage.



Shoes can get water damage while it is raining and then for hours after it stops due to puddles and pooling. I used to wear obnoxious pink wellies on rainy days and look like a buffoon. Now, I just toss Sole Saviors in my purse and wear the shoes I would normally wear with my outfit. If I’m worried about rain/water/mud, I pull them out of their pouch, step into them, and go on my merry way. When out of harm’s way, I take them off and stick them back into their pouch. No harm. No Water Fowl.


There are a few options on the market for handbag raincoats. I think the Celine bags even come with one. But for the rest of us, an aftermarket cover is what we need. Sadly, there aren’t any on the market I love. This one is the top seller (above left) on Amazon, but you have to have your strap exposed, subjecting it to damaging elements and what about the bottom? This one is better (above right), but not that attractive and possibly hard to carry.

I have already sketched up a design that is clear (so you can still see your chic bag), surrounds the entire bag, and comes with its own straps and a magnet flap for easy, drip-free access. Hello Spring 2018! In the meantime, pray for sunshine.

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