How To Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes

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Foot odor happens when bacteria on the skin breaks down sweat. The smell is from decomposing perspiration. Our feet sweat all of the time, but can be exacerbated with hormonal changes, like in the teenaged years and in pregnancy.
 To prevent the smell from getting out of control:
  1. Wash feel well: use a washcloth (I like the long Japanese ones) and really get in between toes. Dry feet well before putting shoes on.
  2. Wear socks, if possible: cotton or wool are best. Nylon socks trap bacteria and make stink worse! There are quite a few socks that come in interesting, no-show configurations.
  3. Keep the shoe insides clean: wipe out the insides of your shoes after you wear them and never wear shoes that aren’t totally dry. Store them somewhere where they have the ability to air out and dry after wearing.
  4. Avoid synthetic shoes and linings: many shoe manufacturers don’t list the materials used in linings and insoles. Leather & cotton are best. If you end up with shoes that just stink, change out the insole or stick Flatliners in to neutralize odors.
  5. Remove shoes when unnecessary: do you really need to wear shoes in your house? (Ahem, parents and in-laws.)


While sweaty feet are normal and natural, stinky feet can usually be controlled through hygiene and shoe care. Need help? Try our Shoe Deodorizer Flat Liners.

As always, let me know if you try some of these and how they work for you. 🙂
-Honest Kim

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