4 Unique (& Cheap!) Halloween Costumes

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I just heard that Halloween was for the true believers. Yessssssss. 🙋🏻 I LOVE Halloween! Costumes, chocolates and champagne – not necessarily in that order. I especially love wacky and witty costumes. No Amazon $17.68 crappy nylon, sexy cop costumes for me. I mean, if you’re going to dress like a hooker, at least wear something with seams and something non-flammable. And if you really want to still be something sexy, how about some of these ideas:


1.Kitty from Arrested Development – “The Botched Boob Job”: My Party Hats won’t start shipping until early December, but if you message me, I can mail you a pair for this very good cause.


2.“The Pre-Op”: Are you a man or a woman or both? Insert Trunk in My Junk into your underwear and Fullcuptuous into a bra to keep them guessing.


Make It A Double

Oh Hello!


3.“That 70s look”: If you are really intent on going vintage sexy, make sure to add authenticity to certain areas with Kitty Carpet. Trick or treat?



4. “The Douche Bag“: Check the boxes that apply.


The Douche-O-Meter


As for me, I’m going as a (very unsexy) jellyfish this year, assuming DH can rig my LED IKEA lights to run on a battery pack. There will be no repeat of last year’s Mr. Bigglesworth. #epicfail #nudebodysuit

Happy Halloween!!



***And if anyone doesn’t believe just how much Kim loves Halloween, her amazing PR team put together this little gem of a gallery. You’re welcome!***


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