Jeans OK?

Do these jeans make my butt look…

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I don’t want to buy new jeans if I don’t have to, but I’m a little worried that these are a little tight. Honestly, can I get away with wearing these in public? #helpmehonestkim

Jeans OK?

Are these jeans suitable for public viewing?

I hear you loud and clear, sister. Why ditch perfectly good jeans if you don’t have to? Even though light jeans are not currently en vogue, they will definitely circle back one day, for which you will be ready! The bigger issue is fit and comfort. The telltale wrinkles just under your seat are a giveaway that the jeans are a bit too snug. You can try moistening the jeans and letting them dry while wearing them to see if the wrinkles disappear. If so, wear away. If not, it is time to make the new pair investment.

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