How To Spice Up Shoes Without Clip Ons

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Unlike a great outfit, which needs a mirror to be able to admire while wearing, shoes are easy to drool over when on your own feet. And shoes are a whole lot easier with to take fashion risks and have fun. So fave some fun and spice them up/ pimp your shoes/ or bedazzle away. But forget those old-fashioned, plastic bauble clip-on tortuous devices and leave your glue gun unplugged: these new shoe accessories will add some pizazz to your basic shoes with no effort.

Shoelusions are my latest invention and the easiest way to turn basic shoes into something to drool over. Using high-quality leathers and local artisans, Shoelusions attach to the ankle, arch, or over shoes and boots to add style, update to on-trend, or change the look completely.

Starting at just $19.95, Shoelusions take a few seconds to put on. The feather ankle strap adds instant glamour and fun. The laser-cut rose can be worn on the arch or ankle and is a beautiful deep red. The tall leather and lace gaiters are absolutely GORGEOUS and turn flats into wearable and warmer winter shoes. So do the shorter fun booties, available in the black/turquoise combo and in cozy wool-lined leather.

Other great Shoelusions include the pink suede bow strap, which is great for adding a pop of color to the endless winter black in my wardrobe. The subtly sparkly ankle fringe will be great for holiday parties. I can’t wait to wear the embroidered patches over my plain boots to update them and make them look like Gucci boots. (Image coming soon)

The holster is the most fun anyone could have with a shoe accessory and makes a great gift. It is available in tan, silver and black and can be used to hold something (a key or tequila), make a statement (#loveismyweapon), or add some fun western flair.

Which are your favorites? I love to hear feedback and will gift a pair to whoever leaves my favorite response on 29 Nov.

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