It’s Boot Season: Preventative Boot Care Tips

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Boots are one of the best things about colder weather. But for what you spend on a pair of boots and the conditions you put them through, an ounce of prevention is worth, well… a pair of new boots!  Here are my tips on what to do with a new pair of boots to keep them in the best shape possible.

1. Protect: Add heel taps (Heel Seals) and sole grips (Gripalicious) if the bottoms are leather, not rubber, to keep the bottoms in good shape and avoid the time and expense of a visit to the shoe repair shop.  If you really want to keep them like new (maybe because you want to resell them) add Sticky Bottoms to the bottom leather, then a pair of Gripalicious.

2. Clean: Wipe off dirt, grime and road salt as soon as possible. You can use a cheap and easy shoe sponge-like Sole Glow. For suede, I like to use Skid Out sponges dry, like a brush, to clean and refresh.

3. Moisturize: Leather dries out! Use a leather cream like Collonil to prolong the life of leather. Follow it up with a polish to restore the color. You can also fill in scratches with Ped Pens. 

4. Un-wrinkle: Make sure boots never get creases to start. Use Boot Stay 2.0 to keep them erect while wearing and a boot tree, a rolled up magazine or something to keep them from wrinkling when in your closet.

I’m heading back to Idaho this week for full-blown winter. I’ll be doing this to my new and old boots on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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