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Taboo Topics by Fashion First Aid: Packing Tips

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Everyone is in travel mode. Honest Kim and Annie the Psychic Sidekick discuss how to pack the right way, so you can leave the kitchen sink behind. They will also announce the  ‘Dick of the Week,” winner and share the weekly psychic prediction. Tune in at 10:00pm PST.


Podcast summary:

1. Jesse’s packing tips:
– Pack jackets inside out
– Pack collared shirts using tissue paper
– Put belts inside the collar of shirts to keep them from getting mangled
– Roll your clothes

2. Packing Tips for a short trip:

2 black dresses
1 red cardigan
1 black & white silk top
1 pair white shorts
1 colorful scarf
1 Delicates Defender with bras
1 Delicates Defender with knickers
1 Knicker Stickers for white shorts
1 Fashion First Aid Kit (mainly Wundercover to prevent blisters on swollen feet and Quick Fix Sticks in case of Emergency)
1 Travel Toiletries kit
1 Leather tote

3. Honest Kim’s 5 Packing tips
– A nice, but not too nice, bag appropriate for the trip is a must-have. use this timeless (purchased in Guatemala in the late 90s) leather tote for weekend trips an this new waterproof Porter Tokyo backpack for overnight trips or my carry-on with change of clothes and electronics for longer trips.
– I stick to one color scheme on a trip (either black or brown) so I don’t have to bring tons of heavy shoes. Scarves bright u basic colors and are super lightweight.
– Great flats (these with a Nike Air sole by Cole Haan) are comfortable on travel days and can go from day to night. Keep the bags they come in to keep shoe ice from touching your clothes.
– Having toiletries case already packed with travel essentials really cuts down on packing time. I keep packed and ready: toothpaste/brush, q-tips, deodorant, anil file, advil, portable makeup brush set, 4-color eyeshadow, blush, lots of sample lotions & potions, eyeliner pencil and eyelash curler.
– Pack bras and underwear (and socks, if you wear them) into Delicates Defender bags and cylinders for organization and cleanliness. Bring a spare designated for dirty pairs.

4. Packing tips for long trips:
Going on a long trip? These solutions help you pack light/make you look neat & feel fresh for prolonged travel.
– Soak Wash
– Fashion Staple
– Knicker Sticker

5. The Dick of the week award goes to the guy that caused the Miami Police Department to shut down south beach.

6. Psychic Sidekick Prediction:
Summer is in full swing. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the festivities. Only commit to what you will really enjoy, this will make life simpler. So many people are stressed, 4th of July gave everyone a much needed break but hit the ground running with all the things that need to get done this week. Special numbers: 2, 5, 7, 4, 44, and 22. Do one nice thing per day for someone this week. The ripple effect will be amazing.

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