Pain from heels

Conferences are murder on my feet

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I rarely wear heels except at conferences and then my feet are killing me by day’s end.  #HelpMeHonestKim

Pain from heels

Ouch! Feet hurt


First things first: If you’re going to stand all day in shoes, buy the right shoes. Make sure they are the correct size and look for shoes that are build for comfort. Try Miz Mooz for some styles that are both cute and comfy. You will pay more than Payless, but you’ll save money on foot surgery for collapsed arches in ten years (true story).

At conferences, stand on padding. If you have any control over booth design, put down foam floor mats. Trust me, everyone will want to come stand in your booth at the end of the day when they realize how hard the floor really is.

Regardless of whether you’re manning a booth or walking around a show, make sure to stay hydrated and supplement your shoe comfort with gel cushions wherever you need them- Belle of the Ball for the balls of feet and Cop a Heel or The Heel Deal for heels. The Heel Deal will also help loose shoes fit more snugly and prevent blisters.

Speaking of blisters, you will also thank yourself later when you use Wundercover to prevent them. It is soooo much better than trying to use bandaids, because it lays flat and you can cover a bigger surface area. You’re

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