summer hat

Filthy Forehead?

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I love wearing hats in the summer, but after a while the hat band gets dirty and makes my forehead break out. I’ve tried washing them, and ruined my favorite hat that way. #helpmehonestkim

summer hat

keep this darling hat clean

Hats are stylish and can’t be beat for sun protection. <3!!!

To keep them clean:

1) Make sure to exfoliate and wash your forehead regularly. It is better to avoid applying makeup or sunscreen to your forehead if you are going to be wearing a hat.

2) Adhere a strip of White Collar Grime to the inside. The super soft 100% cotton strip makes hat wear more comfortable and also takes the licking so you can change just that strip when it gets dirty instead of trying to wash your hat.

3) If you can wash your hat, use a laundry cylinder (like Delicates Defender) to protect it in the machine and air dry afterwards.

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