How to wear a bra with an open back dress

What bra to wear?

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I LOVE this dress, but going bra-less is NOT an option for me. #helpmehonestkim

How to wear a bra with an open back dress

Use a low back bra converter to wear your normal bra.

I’m with you.  Between my age and my breast size, my uncontained boobs would completely ruin this amazing dress.  Thankfully, there are a few undercover products that can help.

1) Low back bra converters, like Low Expectations, hook onto your normal bra, crosses, and then hooks near your navel, pulling your bra band down in back.  It does not work for backless dresses, but gives you another 6 inches of room to work with.

2) Adhesive breast lifts, like The Perk Up or Bring It Up, stick on and pull up, knocking off 20 years of gravitational pull.  Slap on a pair of nipple concealers, and you are perked, covered, and good to go.

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