How To Deal With Other People’s Smells

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What The SmellLife is full of smells, which are important to our survival. They tell you what is fit to eat and what is spoiled. They even tell you who you should mate with and who you shouldn’t. But sometimes you just need to escape from OPS (other people’s smell) whether created from poor hygiene, too much overindulging, or poor life choices. A wearable carbon filter (like What The Smell) will save you from all     OPS, but how politely you deal with the perpetrator is entirely up to you.

Poor hygiene smells are caused by lack of showering or inadequate oral hygiene and sometimes not wearing deodorant. Since the offending person may not be aware of the odor or may have a disorder that causes him/her to reek, you should try to be polite about it. When no one else is around, gently, but directly, explain that showering/brushing/deodorant wearing would be really beneficial and ask if they are having any challenges in this area that you could offer advice on. Sure it is awkward, but the alternative is worse.

Overindulging happens to the best of us because that indian buffet was sooooo delicious or because Tuesday’s happy hour got a little nutty. But forcing others to ingest your aftermath (aka airborne poop particles) is particularly rude. There is no need to tread lightly in this case. Just slide over a pack of Subtle Butt fart pads and encourage the stinker to go to the bathroom and stick one in. Temporary problem solved.

Poor life choices like cigarettes and over-scenting are just unfortunate for the rest of us. I can generally deal with someone not showering, but make me walk out of an international airport terminal or put me on a train next to a guy jacked up on Axe and I start to lose my lunch. In these cases where there was a conscientious choice to engage in the act, I have no qualms donning a What The Smell to otherwise spare the world from my vomit odor and simultaneously to passive-aggressively say, “You stink.” Isn’t that a win-win?

Kim Leone Olenicoff Castellano (aka Honest Kim) is an expert when it comes to Boobs, Sweat & Farts. She earned the unglamorous and unlikely distinction by leaving the lucrative life as an attorney to start her own company selling Garment Guard, the first disposable adhesive underarm shields. Armed with Nordstrom as one of her first accounts, she went on to attempt to solve other embarrassing personal problems including SBDs (with Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralizers) and saggy boots (with Boot Stay: adhesive sag preventers). The result of honed legal research skills, life-long overanalyzing, 30,000 miles around the world on her sailboat, and a touch of OCD is Fashion First Aid, a brand with almost 50 clever products to save face and save money preventing common beauty and fashion faux pas. She holds several patents and numerous trademarks on these products, and actually does a terrible Vanilla Ice imitation, attempting to rap, “If you got a problem, Yo! I’ll solve it!” Kim lives in Laguna Beach, CA and Sun Valley, ID with her husband Andy, her dog Schooner, her costume closet, and her nutty imagination.


  1. Chris Fearn

    You go girl. i am on youtube, brought me to your site and I read this story on other peoples’s smells. I trained my kids to take a shower everyday – period! They did not understand why…. well, they are over 21 now and guess what… I hear complaints of why other people they work with a love, stink up to high heaven. Yep. Well, these adults come over to my house and I get on my soap box and all of a sudden- these people hanging out with my kids (now adults) are showering more often. That’s a dad for ya. Very interesting site. Oh, Kim is my wife’s name and you are an inventor. I work with a patent attorney in Florida who was in the USMC. Paul Royal. You look him up and you will see he has helped a lot of people.

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