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Taboo Topics by Fashion First Aid: “personal” odor

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Honest Kim and Annie the Psychic Sidekick go there to talk about the smells from down there: what is normal, how to make it smell/taste better, and if it really is full of nourishing protein.

Podcast Summary:

1. The smells and stains “downtown.”

2. What makes up the the fluid for men, protein, potassium, sodium, enzymes and more. Women’s fluid is made of amino acids, proteins, etc.  No one talks about. Why?

3. The myths: Is semen full of protein? It contains the same amount of protein as an egg white. Is semen low on calories? Semen is 10-25 calories per shot. What you eat, effects the smell and taste of your personal liquids. TRUE.

4. Smell and taste of personal fluids. You are what you eat. Your personal liquid can taste sweet by staying hydrated, pineapple, papaya, etc. You eat garbage, you will smell like garbage.

5. Natural Harvest, a cook book for semen based recipes by Fotie Photenhur. Who is using this cookbook that gets a 4.5 stars our of five?

6. Your diet is going to help with your personal odor.

7. Cleaning your personal liquid. Crotch Shot is a underwear pre wash. The enzymes and tea tree oil brakes down the proteins and disinfects, so you can wash your underwear on cold while getting it clean.

8. Prediction: The crystal ball/my glass wine says that Valentine’s Day coming and love will be in your future. He is a tall dark and handsome man with a “G” in his name. You will be doing laundry this Sunday.

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