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Taboo Topics by Fashion First Aid: Boobs- does size matter

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Honest Kim and Annie the Psychic Sidekick talk about boob size and does it really matter. TabHonest Kim & Annie the Psychic Sidekick, talks about boob size and does it really matter. Join the conversation every Tuesday at 10am PST.

Podcast summary:

1. The age old questions, does boob size really matter?

2. The average size 20 years ago was 34B, now the average size is 34DD, according to Intimacy Bra Store. 60,000 customers were surveyed. Women are bigger now because people know how to measure accurately, breast implants and more weight gain.

3. Our man poll said not to flat but not too big, something just right. Also, a little bit of padding is ok, just don’t go overboard, no D to B false advertising.

4. Making the boobs look good. A little padding will help. Your bra will pull you up and round you out. Other products that can help with boobs is Perk Up and Nipplomats.

5. Prediction: I feel a storm coming on but it too shall pass. Your lucky numbers are 2, 3, and 11. Play the Powerball next week and keep your heart open to all shapes and sizes.

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