What’s the best way to shave your downtown area?

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If this is your first time to shave you probably came to this page because you are feeling utterly terrible down there you think you would faint. Well guess what, that feeling is NORMAL. It always feels worse by the first time but trust me that it will get better gradually and you will get used to it. Of course I’ve always preferred waxing ze kitty kat but this tip is for the ladies out there who prefers to do the razor.

The itchiness will not come away until about 2-3 days and until then, take good care of your hoo-ha by continuously exfoliating it in the shower with a loofah. The process will help prevent ingrown hairs which can pose as an additional problem later on. A numbing gel can provide some comfort and Tylenol to reduce inflammation.

Always remember the sacred rule of shaving: shave with the grain. Make sure your razor is clean! Decrease irritation by wearing only cotton panties for the first 3-5 days. If you can afford it, ditch the razor and opt to waxing or trimming instead. If you think you got a little keen and botched the whole process: Kitty Carpet might be your best solution.

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