Pregnancy & Post-Holiday Weight Gain Must-Haves

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In Between Sizes? We get it!

Honest Kim is almost ready to have her baby. These 5 items helped her save money – and her sanity – during the past 8.5 months:


  1. Button Extenders

    “I was able to wear my jeans into my 3rd trimester with Button Extenders.”

  2. Brah! Extenders

    “Some bras started getting tight in the band, but placing a Brah! Extender on it gave me a little more time wearing normal bras instead of switching over to maternity bras.”

  3. Titty Bear

    “My already sizable boobs got even bigger, which meant drama during sleep. To avoid the sweat and possible acne that would ensue when wearing a tube-boob tank at night, Titty Bear was a savior. He also stayed in place if I went au naturel.”

  4. What The Smell

    “During the first half of my pregnancy, certain smells, especially cigarette smoke, made me instantly sick. Having a What The Smell with me saved me from public embarrassment by neutralizing odors and giving me time to exit certain areas without leaving a vomit trail.”

  5. Subtle Butt

    “I’m not just the president of Fashion First Aid, but a satisfied customer – and so is my husband!”


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