Superbowl Party Prep

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Superbowl Party Prep

Plan for party fouls and super Superbowl mishaps with these party prep ideas!

Drip Strips

Avoid the Drool

Overzealous with the Wine? We get it!

Save the table but keep the fun going by planning ahead with Drip Strips! Prevent wine bottle drool and stained tablecloths with simple self-adhesive drip strips. Because all of our pouring gets a LITTLE bit less precise on the second or third glass…

Just stick the strip below the bottle lip, and the table stays clean all the way through the bottle. And the second bottle. Drip Strips are also the perfect wine accessory or hostess gift.

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Subtle Butt

Gas-Free Game

Hand out this Hilarious Superbowl Gag Gift

Prop a few of these next to your party platter for guaranteed laughs and a few Instagram posts! Our Subtle Butt disposable gas neutralizers adhere to underwear and neutralize gaseous odors and smells.

These packets are a perfect funny hostess gift or a not-so-subtle hint for a loved one. Some may say you’ve saved the party with this solution!

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