Top 4 Ski Week Essentials

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This February,  Vacation with Ease & Comfort

Ski Week Essentials
Did you know that Fashion First Aid is based in a ski town? So we really know what you need for your upcoming ski vacation:

  1. Toe Jams

    Toe Jams save your tootsies from under toe bruising from repetitive jamming in ski boots, hiking boots, and athletic shoes. Learn More


  3. Gee, Your Shoes Smell Horrific

    Activated carbon bags keep your shoes AND their smell apart from the rest of your clothes while traveling and make your travel mates happy. Learn More


  5. Hotteeze

    These stick-on heat pads are great for aches and pains, but even better to stick on the inside of your sweater next to the small of your back. They provide cozy heat for about 10 hours and are equally welcome on ski vacations as at winter/spring cocktail parties or weddings. Learn More


  7. Subtle Butt

    Everyone gets the “Altitooties” with severe elevation changes. Keep yours discreet with these disposable or reusable gas neutralizers. Learn More!



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